Manifesting Our Dreams

Manifesting Our Dreams

The vision I had for the space well before I even got the keys was for me to create a dedicated space for women that fosters healing, community and partnerships.

I am so pleased to say that my lovely siSTARS will be lending their gifts to bring my vision to life. These ladies will be holding classes at the studio🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

Starting the last week of January Wombmen Things will be offering more teaching, workshops and healing. Be on the look out for each individual class post.

When You Move In Your Purpose

When You Move In Your Purpose

When you move in your purpose, the universe, your guides and the Divine all conspire to move you along the path.

Living in my purpose and trusting a greater force was my message all 2019.

The day I went to look at what would later be Wombmenthings’ home, I stepped out my car and went to pay the parking meter and saw this gift, right in front of me. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 .

The thought of starting another business was scary, let me tell you something,the unknown will have you second guessing  everything and everyone but just know that there’s always a greater power ordering your steps and the guidance and confirmation will show up in the form of good people you meet, the friendships that step in when you need some encouragement and like this little feather waiting for me, giving me the OK sign affirming my actions.

I am thankful to all of you, my family, friends, clients and students for an amazing 2019. Thank you for rocking with me.  My hope for you is that you experience the blessing that awaits you on the other side of fear.

Have a blessed, abundant New Year.

Wait till you see where we go next….