Pause Before You Pivot

“Thinking the faster that I go

The faster that I will reach my goal

The race is not given to the swift

But to the one who endure’th.”–from Slow Down by India Arie

In today’s society, speed is all the rage. 5G speed for our phones, internet speeds up to 200 Mbps, all of this puts us in the mindset to rush. We rush our healing, we rush our growth, we even try to rush our blessings from spirit. We put time restrictions on our lives and that is not how this life was intended to be lived. What if, for a few seconds before you said something or did something, you stopped. In that pause, you are able to breathe, center and consult yourself before you make the move. What if you allowed yourself to be in your emotions instead of rushing yourself through them?

Pauses occur when spirit is trying to get our attention. They also alert us to be still in God and stand by for instruction. Because we tend to be on the go and impatient, being still feels like a lack of action. What we fail to realize is that being still and doing nothing are not synonymous. Stillness allows for meditation and commune to get guidance on which way to go, what path to choose, and what move to make next. There is nothing wrong with pauses and moving slow. The key is balance. Just as we don’t want to rush, you don’t want to stay stagnant in the pause because things like fear can come in and cripple the vision. So as you move forward in your day, make sure you aren’t zooming your way through. Think of your favorite song, do you zoom through it? Of course you don’t! You take your time, savor every note, let every word seep into your spirit and cover you like a healing balm. You let that music move through you so you can dance, cry, scream or whatever that music pushes you to do. You let this music do its job and once you have gotten what you need from it, you cut it off and can move through your day refreshed and ready for whatever comes at you.

Your favorite song, like any beautiful piece of music, you cannot be rushed through. If you did, you would have an incoherent cacophony of noise.  Music is written with pauses, because it is the pauses that move the piece along, that help it emote the feelings of the composer and take the ear of the listener on a journey they never knew they needed. Treat your life as a magically and beautifully written orchestra. Know when to boom and when to be quiet. Know when to move quick and know when to slow down. Finally know when to pause, because the pause offers rest and guidance for you to continue through your orchestra smoothly.