Womb Wellness

Awaken your Divine feminine and reclaim your reproductive health with these Supportive and nurturing services. Bringing your body back in balance by honoring your sacred space. 

Yoni Steam (VSteams) $60

Traditional Yoni Steam is great for promoting feminine wellness with the use of certified organic herbs. This service is a relaxing, therapeutic session that also has proven effects on combating irregular menstrual cycles, cramps,uterine fibroids, cysts, PCOS, post partum healing, infertility and supporting overall feminine health.  DO NOT steam if you are pregnant or bleeding and caution if using an IUD.

Nurturing the Mother Fertility Massage $125

The Nurturing the Mother® Fertility Massage program is a combination of specific massage techniques developed by renowned Massage Therapist Claire Marie Miller. The techniques used include Aromatherapy, Cranial-sacral alignment, fertility awareness, cleansing therapies, fertility reflexology, and visualizations. The current success rate of conception is over 60%. This therapeutic treatment is designed to help individuals who are preparing to conceive naturally with conscious awareness or clients using assisted reproductive technology.

Prenatal Massage $90

This is a wonderful service for the Mommy-to-be.  Enjoy a relaxing massage that will help to reduce stress, sooth achy joints and muscles, relieves anxiety and in some cases headaches and edema.



Check Out Our All Things Yoni Shop

A retail shop for all things Wombmen.

WombmenThings  is a retail shop for all things Wombmen. We sell Yoni steam stools which are handcrafted with oak wood and a rich mahogany finish on its exterior, Certified Organic herbal blends and gowns made from Ankara fabric and the entire Yoni Steam Kit. 

Vaginal steaming–a universal practice women have used since ancient times–is proving to be a worthy gynecological self-care tool. As more and more women try steaming it is showing potential to help with an array of concerns from cramps to bacterial vaginosis to fibroids–the list goes on and on.

The Yoni steam kit can be used during all stages of womb care from menarche to postpartum to menopause. It enhances your self-care practice by providing a safe and natural alternative healing remedy for reproductive issues, hemorrhoids, as well as colon, stomach and kidney ailments.



Yoni Steam PRO Kit


Yoni Steam stool w/ Cushion


Yoni Steam Gown



Yoni Steam Herb Blends